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On this page you will find both live Events as well as Self paced Online courses and series to support, deepen & enrich Your Practice

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Breathe Yin
online series

A series of Meditative Yin Yoga practices in combination with Pranayama, to propel you forwards in ways you may not have thought possible.

Breathe in, Breathe Yin

Let these classes anchor you when you need it most.

With life long access to this series, you can practice online or download the classes to your device, and can practice as much as you want!

Yoga as Therapy
online series

Is Your Practice Meeting Your Needs?

Learn how to identify your true needs - for real balance - and how to implement them into a Yoga Practice.

Yoga for Your Dosha

Including a hatha yoga practice, a yin yoga practice, meditation and pranayama for Ayurvedic body-mind type (dosha)

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Live Events


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