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I have been teaching Yoga Teacher Trainings in Thailand, Spain and Finland since 2016. I founded my own yoga school and Training system called Somaya Academy in 2019 and it is under this umbrella I currently teach.

The trainings include gathered knowledge from years of teaching and training and also continue to evolve as I do.
I love sharing practice, the philosophy behind and all things related to Yoga and self evolution, expansion, transformation and I am glad you are here too: curious. Which in my opinion, is one of the most important qualities needed for the path of Yoga and Self Healing. 

Welcome to explore the information about trainings, and please do not hesitate to reach out with questions and inquiries.

200HR Yoga Teacher Trainings

The 200hr Yoga Teacher training is rooted in the belief that there is goodness in all and that every being has a purpose. We build our journey from the gross to the subtle, from the outer to the inner, to take you deep into an exploration of the layers of yourself and existence. This program allows you a unique opportunity to shed old habits and question core beliefs as you build physical, mental and emotional intelligence and strength to embody a more conscious way of life.


This journey aims to strengthen your personal voice and personal power and to encourage your unique gifts to come forth. We welcome both those who wish to spread a yogic lifestyle through teaching as well as anyone who is interested in deepening their own self transformation.


Each day includes practices rooted in yogic philosophy that aim to connect you to higher levels of purpose, potential and passion.


You will learn:

- Introduction to the foundations of yoga, both the physical and non-physical
- Introduction to yoga philosophy and various yogic texts
- Introduction to pranayama and meditation techniques
- Optimal postural alignment on the mat
- How to take the practice off the mat
- How to safely access full potential in yoga asana
- How to balance the elements and Yin and Yang energies
- How to acknowledge your own growth process

This training aims to give you the knowledge and confidence you will need to safely share the practice of yoga and impact lives of others.


& Develop teaching skills such as:

- How to teach clear and creative cues
- How to teach safe alignment
- How to teach to many levels
- Modifications and contraindications for basic injuries
- Verbal and hands-on adjustments through the art of touch
- How to teach a class infused with yogic philosophy and how to share your vision
- How to empower and encourage students to believe in themselves
- How to build intelligent sequences
- Basic anatomy and physiology
- The business and ethics of yoga
- How to teach various styles


The Practice/Style:
The practice sessions are rooted in Tantric Hatha and consist of asana, meditation, pranayama, shavasana and themes. We also explore practices such as Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra.


According to yogic philosophy we are all made up from the five elements and are a part of nature itself. This training will emphasize insights from the fundamental elements, from a yogic, ayurvedic, traditional Chinese medicinal perspective including theories of the energy body, chakras, nadis and meridians.


Self Healing
From the ancient origins and mystery of the vastness of yoga to its therapeutic and practical need in today’s modern world. The course also includes an introduction to essential oils, herbs and has an emphasis on emotional intelligence, habit evolution and self-healing.


LIVE trainings start from 2800€

ONLINE self paced training with one to one support 2000€

Get in Touch to inquire about both in person and online training possibilities and opportunities! 



Purpose. Potential. Passion.

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Kind Words

200HR Yoga training:

"I cant say it often enough how much I appreciate your way of teaching - aiming to let us discover our own potential and gently pushing us a little to step into it. Thank you so much for that! Knowing and experiencing over and over again that you are a teacher who sees the potential in her students and wants them to unfold it makes me deeply grateful to be a student of yours"

"Loved how often you integrated Mantras and chanting. Especially these practices were so freeing and powerful for me. And the CACAO and tea ceremonies- so special!! I appreciate your way of teaching so much. Working with Prana, embodying that the function of a pose is much more important than its form, building strength and then flexibility, creating that safe space for us where progress can happen, each single class always an inspiration - not only on the mat but also off the mat. 


200HR Online Training: 


"I had no idea what I really had signed up for when I emailed you about my interest. I now know though, this is onw of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. This is so much more than a training... And I hope anyone who is curious and feels a call, has the courage to follow that. Thank you, thank you, for all your guidance and one-one support and encouragement." 

300HR Yoga Training: 

"I have completed one of the most rewarding continuing educations I have ever attended - Breathe Yin with Amanda/Somaya Academy. If you ever have the opportunity to attend this course, I warmly recommend it to anyone who has an interest in Yoga, Yin or wants to look inwards, into yourself - it can change the way you perceive life. It did for me.! 


Next Level - Somaya 300hr Yoga Teacher Training

This comprehensive training aims to bring your practice and teaching to the next
level of potential and has been created with passion for serious practitioners and


Somaya Master Teacher Program (300hr training) teaches an advanced curriculum
of Tantric Hatha & Yin Sadhana which include Asana, Pranayama, Kriya, Meditation
Techniques as well as skilful sequencing to create a vast variety of classes based on
the style of teaching which is appropriate to you and your students.
Steeped in rich tradition, with a life embracing approach to yoga we welcome you
through exploration to uncover wisdom that opens the doorway to physical, mental,

emotional and spiritual vitality.

Module 1: Ayurveda for Yoga Teachers

25h Online Self-paced Course

This module de-mystifies Ayurveda as well as offers you a tangible approach to
integrate the wisdom of life into your life, practice and teaching. We uncover the
descent of consciousness into matter through Samkhya, discover the deeper study
of Ayurveda through understanding how the doshas and gunas manifest in the body
and mind as well as explore diagnostic tools, the science of transformational fire
(Agni Vidya) and the importance of Dinacharya (daily rhythm). This, as the first
module sets your foundation to tailor your teachings with this timeless and universal
wisdom - including how to practically apply all the above through daily practices, diet

and lifestyle.

Investment: Somaya students & students enrolled in taking the whole 300hr Program: 220€
Non-Somaya Students: 275€

Module 2: Life Keys

25h Online Self Paced Course

This module offers Key insights into the understanding of the subtle forms of the
mind-body types and their Vital essences (Prana Vidya, Tejas Vidya and Ojas vidya.)
Through deepening our subtle awareness in relation to these aspects we may
acquire a greater awareness of energy as well as understanding how we can utilize it
for growth, vitality and happiness. The exploration culminates in vayu vidya – the
science of the winds of life, affecting our overall health, which we may through our

attention and awareness impact in desired way.

Investment: Somaya students & students enrolled in taking the whole 300hr Program: 280€

Non-Somaya Students: 350€


Module 3: Breathe Yin

50h Self Paced Course

Breathe Yin invites us into an exploration of our own capacities of self-healing by
listening and sensing with the whole-body instrument. We incorporate Ayurveda, Sri
Vidya Tantra, Chinese Medicine and Yin Yoga to open up and release limitations. This
training covers in-depths knowledge of YIN – including linking breath and consciousness,
developing deeper presence, overview of Chinese medicine and how it relates to yoga
practice, connecting the five elements, organs, seasons and emotions, vital substances,
principles and origin of disease and purifying the subtle body through Kriya techniques.
Through understanding the knowledge of building and directing life force and how to
protect the subtle essences, we may awaken our fullest potential of life.


Investment: Somaya students & students enrolled in taking the whole 300hr Program: 660€

Non-Somaya Students: 825€


Module 4: Conversations with Nature

10 Month Online Self Paced Journey

In this module we gather together to remember all parts of ourselves back into
wholeness through conversations with nature and the aim of this particular module is to
begin a conversation that may further expand our view on spirituality, life and yoga and
weaving them together. Through the exploration of how different spiritual practices
may, not just support each other, but if understood with respect, enrich one another so
you can find your own unique potions on your path to wellness... This module
specifically honours the wise Wo/man tradition (tradition of Elders), our connection to
plant allies and how they may support us in practices such as meditation, grounding,
cleansing, clearing, ceremony etc. We also touch on topics such as brain waves, herbs
safety levels, dosage, immune system overview, protection and boundaries, self-care,
adaptogens, deep-immune tonics and soma plants, third eye openers, heart chakra
prayers in combination with Cacao and more. Through this Alchemy the invitation is not

just to make medicine, but embody medicine.

Somaya students & students enrolled in taking the whole 300hr Program: 680€
Non-Somaya Students: 845€

Module 5: Embody Beyond Foundation

100h In-Person Training

This module aims to guide you to refine and empower your teaching skills and capacity
beyond foundational knowledge. With an emphasis in this module to a therapeutic
approach to Yoga for Self-Healing, we explore common physical and emotional
symptoms present these days and how to access the root. This module also includes a
section on yoga for pregnancy as well as other various stages of life. You will learn how
to work one-to-one with individuals based on their needs through practical case study
and experimental learning processes. Embody beyond foundations is designed to
empower you to build powerful and skilful practices, to find greater trust in your inner
wisdom and gain confidence in your teaching, to up-level your space holding, theme
appropriately to different students in different teaching contexts and work with yoga as


For upcoming trainings please inquire her:

Investment: Somaya students & students enrolled in taking the whole 300hr Program: 980€

Non-Somaya Students: 1220€

Module 6: Peace to Purpose

75h one to one - online training

Peace to Purpose is the culmination of the Somaya Master Teacher Program which includes
working one to one with Amanda to propel your unique journey forwards and embody your
passions to live through you. By understanding the depths of this dedicational process we
uncover the four yogic aims of life: dharma, artha, kama and moksha to live a life of deep
fulfilment. Dharma, is the inherent drive or desire to fully realize everything we are capable of,
and in doing so, positively effecting the world. This module aims to uncover your deepest
desires, understand and transform non-constructive patterns, tap into the healing power of
manifestation ceremonies and heighten your intuition, tap into the deep healing and power of

meditation and yoga nidra.

With tantras core principle at heart, we believe through self-knowledge and the cultivation of
our inner power, Shakti, we can unfold and blossom into our fullest potential and achieve

both worldly and spiritual abundance.

In comparison to other modules, which aim to positively impact your teachings skills, this

module is one of internalization to eventually step into purpose.

To enroll please inquire here:

Investment: Somaya students & students enrolled in taking the whole 300hr Program: 680€

Non-Somaya Students: 845€



after completing this 300hr you will

- Be a Somaya Master Yoga Teacher which means you will have the capacity to teach

skilful and powerful yoga classes beyond the scope of asana alone.
- Be able to meet and empower students one to one where they are.
- Be able to maximize your personal growth and earnings.

- Have found your unique teaching voice and style, setting you apart in the yoga world.
- Have gained not just knowledge but wisdom and confidence, making you eligible to

teach a wider approach that is sought after.

This training is for those who have already completed a Somaya 200hr training or other 200hr

Yoga Teacher Training program, who ready to take it to the next level...

For those beginning to learn with Somaya, a prerequisite for the 300hr training is completing
our online bundle “Preparing for next level”, which includes topics such as Yogic Science,
Tantra Unveiled, Kundalini and Subtle body Awakening, Living the 8 Limbs, the Energetics of
Asana, Art of Mantra and Mediation as well as Skilful Sequencing, Asana Labs and more.

495€ (after this you will automatically receive the 20& Somaya discount for all courses)


Enrich and advance your personal yoga
journey and teaching capacity with integrity,

with Somaya.

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