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Ayurveda is the world’s oldest holistic health system, therefor often known as the Mother of Healing. Originating from the Indian sub–continent, it is the sister science of Yoga. It has been used for thousands of years to cleanse and restore balance to the body and mind. Despite it being more than 5,000 years old it couldn’t be more relevant to our modern, busy and stressful lives. 

Ayurveda teaches us about the Natural world and the 5 Elements, of which we too are made up from. 

Through this comprehensive and elemental approach we are able to uncover the root cause of the symptoms we experience, and not just discover how to cure disease and illness but also and foremost discover ways to THRIVE - to be HAPPY, VIBRANT and feel WHOLE. 


Connecting with nature is a key element of our wellbeing and through these sessions we may re-establish a relationship with the natural world which we are a part of and deeply remember our place as a part of it. 

The source of much suffering and illness is disconnection from our true selves and our perceived separation from others as well as the environment. With the help of plants, we may rediscover a sense of belonging as we allow ourselves to be both held, yet empowered.


This includes a comprehensive & holistic approach drawn from the teachings of Ayurveda (science of Life), which tends to the whole picture of your health – body, mind and spirit.


Before the consultation, you will be sent a wellness questionnaire to fill in and send to us prior to your consultation meeting. 

This will help me understand your unique situation and be able to make the most out of the time we spend  together where you will be offered a space to open up, share and receive gentle guidance and optional lifestyle changes to consider which may include: 

– recommendations on daily routines,  meditations, mantras, pranic techniques, energetic healings, yoga asana, ayurvedically inspired advice, herbal support and much more… 


Our consultations are designed to empower you to be your own healer and improve your health, no matter what is on your path, leaving you feeling lighter, supported and enhancing your clarity and direction.

A full and in-depth consultation, covering all aspects of your past and current health.

Some common reasons people seek an Holistic Lifestyle consultation are to improve: 

Digestion and/or diet, the relationship with food, sleep, fertility, during pregnancy or postpartum, for mental illnesses, emotional issues, addiction recovery, eating disorders, stress reduction, autoimmune disorders, inflammation issues, to improve skin issues, to create longevity, balance hormones, to feel more aligned and in flow, to open up to greater ease… 

In other words, we may effect change in a positive direction in ALL areas of life. 

In person/Zoom 



Food for Vitality

A wholefood, plant based E-book, which is more than "just a cookbook" - besides recipes including inspiring ways to align your cooking, eating, relationship with food with Yoga & Ayurveda for deep Self Care and Self Love

6 week Autumn Reset

A 6 week guidance to gently cleanse in a way that creates space for deep physical vitality, mental stability and emotional ease in the pivotal change of the seasons, specifically designed for Fall.

Including week by week guidance, suggested herbal support, foods to favor to support the process, recipes, reflective practices and other Ayurvedically inspired Seasonal Practices.


5 Day Spring Cleanse

According to Ayurveda there are certain rituals we may engage in to support this process in Spring - which is considered an optimal opportunity to rest and reset our entire ecosystem. It is the time to re-awaken and shake out any accumulated sluggishness from the winter season.

A complete 5 Day cleanse including recipes, self care practices, yoga classes, breathing techniques, webinars, inspiration with both pre- and post-cleanse descriptions and information

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