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for Soul Re-Alignment


Personal Ceremonies for Soul re-alignment may include working through physical health issues, emotional blockages that seem persistent, grieving and loss, fertility, ceremonies of manifestation as well as a means to clear deeper rooted energetic layers that may be a cause to chronic depression, “irrational anxiety”, bi-polar mood swings or paranoia.

Personal ceremonies may also include working with and clearing ancestral imprints and karma including all from abuse, addictions, mental health disorders, physical imbalances, financial issues and even the feeling of “bad luck” following you. 

As much as these ceremonies may be ones working to remove and heal, they may also be performed for manifestation purposes to align with your higher values and effectively shift your internal as well as external reality. 

For the 40 day ceremonies a consultation will take place initially if you are a new client to assess whether or not this is suitable for you as it will require you to also participate in the inner work required.

For already existing clients the assessment may not be needed if you already have had ongoing treatments. 

A personal self ceremony will be given to you after the consultation and support will be offered during the whole time. 


An initial consultation is to identify your reason of interest in the personal ceremony if you are a new client.


This ceremony will include a self care ritual specifically designed for you to suit your daily schedule as well as meet your needs for this process. 

The ritual will be specifically and uniquely designed for you to meet your needs and may include meditation, herbs, cacao or other intentional and mindful activity. 


price from 240€



Traditional cultures around the world recognise the power and value of creating ceremonies and rituals, which centre around ingesting special plants and communing with "plant consciousness".

This is not a recreational idea, but a ritual; an intentional way of mindfully, respectfully consuming a plant to develop a kind of personal connection to its energy, and receive its wisdom and experience its healing potential.

Depending on your unique situation and your desires, other "plant allies" may accompany to further serve you and your experience.

Plants have been around on this planet for billions of years, long before us, and they have much to teach us as Elders, holding much Ancestral Wisdom...

Further advice, dosage and preperation information and supportive rituals will be shared with you personally.


Somaya Cacao


Cacao has become my daily anchor as a ceremony, ritual, practice and medicine... Even those days when I do not do anything else for myself, I have my time with Cacao. It has really inspired me and now I feel like I am closing a chapter of the past, ready to open up for the next.

The practice of intentional grieving with cacao is so powerful. I was making it and thinking what support do I need today and what I want to release and then sitting with it before I drunk it in the safety of that loving hug I cried for a few minutes...And I was so happy I can do it this way. Opening up the arms for grief, with no fear, where there can be space for ease and joy... This is so, so beautiful. Simple and genious!

I am shown all my womb has accumilated and with cacao I asked to heal all the trauma and sexual trauma imprints from the womb. So I feel it, it is that place between comfort and discomfort and I acknowledge how magical it is that it is all clearing out... Thank you so much for the Reiki supporting me through all this. It really is a powerful shift.

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