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As a Reiki Therapist, I honor energy work of high standards to ensure quality and safety of energy medicine. The reiki sessions are offered as taught by ShivEnergetics Reiki Academy in dedication to the authentic Usui Ryohoho method.


I believe in the ability for self-healing and that you are your greatest healer. Through receiving reiki treatments one may deepen Self-awareness and access insights and understandings into one´s situation, life, symptoms and even root causes. In a world where we are often seeking answers outside ourselves, either to blame or for a quick fix, we are through Reiki given the opportunity to look inwards and interpret the messages that arise so that we can begin to know ourselves more – and from there, heal ourselves.

As a modality of holistic nature it can work to release blockages in the physical, mental, emotional and energetical body. From what arises through the power of Reiki treatments, we are encouraged to take responsibility, to become more integrated and in charge of our own healing processes and lives.  

I believe that we already have everything within us to be whole, healthy and spiritually nourished, and from our experience, Reiki may serve as a means to unlock this potential. 

This can be of benefit for anyone who is willing to witness the possibilities that can arise through such powerful energy transfer therapies.






"Reiki is a life-enhancing art. For those suffering from illness, it is a means of returning to health. For the healthy, it is a means of refining mind, emotions and body; calming the soul, clarifying the thought-processes and powers of perception; assisting suppressed creativity to awaken and blossom; and of revealing glimpses of our essential nature.

With Reiki we can free up trapped emotions. With Reiki we can dissolve and transform through the patterns of these freed emotions - transmuting them, giving them new patterns - new forms of expressions...

In order to manifest and emanate Reiki, we must first focus the mind, purify the mind: we must rid ourselves of greed, of resentment, of vengefulness, of anger, of worry, of hesitation... 

Receiving and giving Reiki is bound up with our own spiritual purification . the experience of receiving and gigiving Reiki engances our own spiritual purification, and working on our own spiritual purification enhance sour Reiki ability" 

- Kenji Hamamoto (Reiki Teacher)



Through the wisdom of Ayurveda we may be empowered by attuning ourselves to the Natural Rhythms of Nature, by understanding ourselves better and our role in life. In combination with Reiki, this truly is a complete rebalance for Mind, Body and Soul.

Combining an Ayurveda consultation prior to the Reiki session has the ability to provide you with a lot of information and valuable insight as to how to move forwards after the session with practices, rituals and daily self care.


This session includes: 

- A full Ayurvedic consultation with questionnaire

- A comprehensive energetic scan of the Physical, Pranic (Energy),  Mental & Emotional Field to detect imbalances & blockages

- Reiki Session for clearing imbalances to balance and revitalize

- Lifestyle advice, messages and insights are then to be passed on for your Integration

- Providing you with what is needed to be Empowered to take skillful action in your healing journey and life.


In person or through zoom.


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