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Reiki is a powerful energy transfer therapy. It is a hands-on healing technique which works by expanding the chakras and aura. This in turn intensifies the vibrational frequency of the recipient, promoting a healthier body, mind and spirit. ShivEnergetics has developed high standards to ensure all students are safely channeling the highest amount of Reiki energy possible at each stage. During this two day workshop, 4 attunements are passed to the student. It takes four attunements to activate a student’s Kundalini (soul) energy. When the Kundalini (soul) activates and awakens, energy is pushed from the root chakra and expands the 7 chakras, expands the Etheric aura and the outside aura expands in general from 2-3 meters to 5 meters.


When the crown chakra expands during attunements, there is a direct connection made to Higher Self/Higher Conscious levels. Spirit Guides will then connect to the soul of the person that are Beings of the Highest of Good from the Higher Self and will choose to be Reiki Guides for the student and work with them during their treatments. These guides are attuned to the student and have direct connection to the soul of the student. WE DO NOT USE OUR OWN 3D ENERGY IN REIKI.WE DO NOT CHANNEL ANY RANDOM SPIRIT IN THE ROOM.


The guides have a direct relationship with the student’s soul and that connection is made from activating the student’s Kundalini during the attunements. The guides are already part of the student’s being. The attunements to activate the Kundalini is merely just a “wake up” for the individual’ soul energy and the competent teacher is there to facilitate this; to guide the student throughout the soul evolutionary process and pass on methods along the way and guide the student to stay on path of their Higher Divine Self.


The student will then need two months to practice at least 10 hands on treatments. Two months are needed for the new stimulated kundalini energy to settle down in the student’s physical body. During these two months the physical, mental, emotional, sexual/kundalini and spiritual bodies unbeknown to the student will begin to detoxify. Reiki 1 students CANNOT receive financial exchange for treatments. Attunements CANNOT be done online. They must be done face to face.



During this two day workshop, 4 further attunements are passed to the student. The Kundalini rises, the aura expands, the third eye expands, the sensitivity of the student increases and more guides from the student’s Higher Self come in to assist the student on this next step. Layers in the Spiritual Body come up to be cleansed. Deeper layers of the soul become present such as past lives and karmic relationships or blockages. The Mental Body needs to be cleansed. The rise of Kundalini will push on the student’s Mental Body to start releasing their built up ego conditioning.

At this level you will be passed the sacred Reiki symbols, learn to give distant treatments, send distant energy to more than one person or place. You are able to start releasing karmic blockages and working with clients on a deeper level. Attunements CANNOT be done online; they must be done face to face. . Reiki 2 students CANNOT receive financial exchange for treatments.


Reiki Level 1

490 €


This is a two day workshop; however a lot more than two days is involved. It is simply two days to pass on the final 4 attunements. At this point the student will have received all 12 attunements and have their Kundalini fully active, chakras and aura expanded and have the ability to start accessing a great number of guides potentially available to them from their soul. After level 3, there are no more attunements. The more treatments students give; the more guides that come in.


If the student remains humble, devotes themselves to being at service to others and sets the intention to help anyone who crosses their path and works on dismantling their ego and blockages they will see soul shifts take place. If they are able to surrender and trust their divine path, they will become effortlessly aligned. They will merge with their guides. They will begin to remove their ego personality and the Higher Beings will choose to work closely with the student. The student will take on the energy imprint, high consciousness of the Masters who will work directly through them.



  • Reiki Level 1

  • Reiki Level 2

  • DPA Meditation

  • Pendulum Diagnosis


620 €




A 7 day transformational meditation course (DPA). This progressive meditation takes place over 30 sessions, each further activating the Third Eye to increase psychic awareness. For sensitives and healers, this course develops your psychic skills, which can be used on a daily basis.


In this course, you will learn different levels of consciousness and how to reach the Theta range of consciousness. How to establish and manifest personal goals, how to project intelligence and retrieve information, how to identify the difference between animate and inanimate objects, and identify intelligent animate objects, how to use clairvoyance and telepathic abilities effectively, and communicate with other energies and universal laws with energy development and skills. Interaction with chakra development and 6th sense.


Reiki Level 1



Would you like to improve your clarity when performing a Reiki treatment? Are you sometimes bombarded with visions and intuitions that you don’t know how to interpret? An additional skill to boost your confidence, and develop your communication with your healing guides. 

In this course, you will learn how to cleanse and activate a pendulum, how to use a pendulum with holistic bodies, and get accurate answers from a pendulum, how to give a pendulum diagnosis of the physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional body and how to use a pendulum to find the cause of congested energy and in which chakras.


Reiki Level 1 & Reiki Level 2


I attended Reiki level I with Amanda and it was the most powerful thing I have ever experienced. I could feel the shifts inside of me, I could physically feel the energy rushing through me during the training and for days after.
 Both physical and mental experiences.  This is all truly amazing but the most precious is the inner guidance I feel, such strong messages, so clear. I feel that Amanda has opened a door to a garden filled with so much more to explore and try to make sense of, to learn and to unfold. The combination of theory and practice included in level I gave me tools to begin a new journey towards aligning with myself and the vastness of life.
Forever Thankful.

If you are searching for a reiki session, yoga lesson or to learn any if them you have come to the right person. She can help you in ways you didnt know you needed. You feel seen, heard and safe. The biggest of recommendations to Amanda, Ananda Ma

"Life got really exciting after training in Reiki... My inner world changes so I feel empowered and more centered and that I have more inner vitality. As so much is going on around me and before reiki I felt like "oh my god I have to recharge recharge recharge" and now I feel much more stable. More powerful and confident, so - it is Fun! So it was really, really life changing this first level... 

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